Academic Achievements

Each school year, we carry out activities in accordance with the current school program that foster and develop academic skills in students. The education work and school activities are reflected in the following achievements:


2018 FSA Mathematics

According to the 2018 FSA math results, GTP is ranked #10 in Broward County.


2018 FSA Reading Results

According to the 2018 FSA English Language Arts results, GTP ranks #2 in Broward and #10 in Florida.


2018 FSA Results

According to the 2018 FSA results, GTP ranks #1 in Broward for English Language Arts gains and #2 in Florida for English Language Arts gains.


3rd grade students score #3 in Broward and 18th in the state

CONGRATULATIONS 3rd GRADE GTP STUDENTS! We are proud to announce that ALL of our 3rd grade students have passed the state mandate.


High Performing Charter School

Greentree Prep Charter has been recognized as a high performing charter school in the state of Florida, pursuant to 1002.331.

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