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A high-performing charter school

Our mission is to prepare students to become self-reliant, productive and independent citizens. GTP has been an “A” school for 10 years.

Academic Achievements

Each school year, we carry out activities in accordance with the current school program that foster and develop academic skills in students. The education work and school activities are reflected in the following achievements:


2018 FSA Mathematics

Greentree Preparatory is ranked #10 in Broward County.


2018 FSA Reading Results

Greentree Preparatory ranks #2 in Broward and #10 in Florida.


2018 FSA Results

Greentree Preparatory ranks #1 in Broward for English Language Arts gains and #2 in Florida for English Language Arts gains.


3rd grade students score #3 in Broward and 18th in the state

We are proud to announce that ALL of our 3rd grade students have passed the state mandate.


High Performing Charter School

Greentree Prep Charter has been recognized as a high performing charter school in the state of Florida, pursuant to 1002.331.

About Greentree Prep

Greentree Prep has a mission to prepare K-8 students for high academic achievement and personal success. Our school was designated as one of the top 3 performing schools in Broward County according to FSA scores in 2014.

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Our school has incorporated the use of technology, district-approved curriculum and online programs, implemented self-contained classes for gifted students, and enrichment materials in all classrooms.

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Teachers have effectively aligned classroom instruction with state standards, as well as provided additional support for struggling students and adopted challenging enrichment materials for students learning above standards.

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I have two daughters that have been attending Greentree Prep Charter School for several years and we are extremely happy with, and grateful for the education they receive here. They’re learning so much more than they were, or would be, at their previous school. Not only is the education wonderful, but the small school environment makes the school feel like family. I feel confident with the education and relationships they are building here.

L. English

We are very happy to have both our sons attend GTP. The school has a wonderful family oriented atmosphere where the teachers and administrators are very focused on ensuring the academic success of the students. They continuously challenge and work with the children so they can grow to their fullest potential and develop beyond the minimum requirements. We are sure our boys will have a very successful academic future thanks in part to the great foundation they have built at Greentree.

Mr. And Mrs P. Gonzalez

As an educator, I value Greentree’s commitment to teach beyond the standards. As a parent, I especially appreciate the family environment because I know that my children are not only receiving a quality, personalized education, but they are well loved and cared for. Greentree is the place to be.

P. Suarez

Over the years, without doubt, all four of my children have benefited tremendously in terms of academics and personal development while attending both A World of Knowledge and Greentree Prep Charter School. The teachers are caring and take personal interest in the progress of the students. The teachers make sure that students are provide ample opportunity to excel and provide timely evaluation and follow up as required.

N. Mansuri

My son Daniel came from A world of Knowledge from VPK with a great teacher and had an amazing year. Now he is at Greentree and once again he is with his favorite teacher. Thank you for the amazing job you have done.

M. Maraima

I love Greentree. I have two children, in 2nd and kinder. I did not have a pleasant experience in a previous school, so I took my children to Greentree and A World of Knowledge and that changed completely. Every teacher that I have encountered, love their profession. They are there for the children and not for a job. Thank you to all the teachers that have been with my children. You are positively impacting my children’s life!

K. Coronado

Greentree Prep is a wonderful school with amazing teachers and very caring and friendly administrative staff. My daughter has attended GTP since the year it opened and is happy with the academic possibilities the school offers her. I have seen her grow into a confident and knowledgeable young woman. I wish GTP every success.

A. Basu

I am very impressed with this school and its ability to help my children reach their full academic and social potential. I definitely chose the best school for my child.

Mrs. N. Gonnell

We are happy with the decision to join the Greentree community. They always make us feel at home and we are grateful to have found a school that fit our daughter’s needs and ours as a family.
We can’t wait to see her grow at Greentree Prep.

Bencomo Family

Admissions FAQ

How do I enroll my child in Greentree Prep Charter?

Register for an account on our website and fill out the current registration form to begin the admissions process.

How do I register more than one of my children?

When registering, you must open an account for each child you wish to enroll in GTP. 

How do I contact you to start the admissions process for my child?

When you’re ready to begin the admissions process for your child, please complete the form, or call 954-780-8733, or email us at [email protected].

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